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Multimedia and Web design is one of our activities we give special attention to. New needs require new solutions. Finally, before you, you have a choice that can satisfy all your business demands. Exceptional design alongside with additional programming gives your presentation not only appeal but functionality as well. Our references and offers prove what we say...
OP Web Plus - modern e-commerc
- Software for managing your business, e-commerc site, editing your site with your programme
- Three groups of prices, archive and statistics, modern register, import of online orders ...
TERAZIJE v1.5 is program developed for managing a law firm. It enables keeping the records of client’s cases, payments, services, lawyers, judges efficiently and provides detailed statistics. It is equipped with the latest multimedia options such as importing pictures and sound content. To summarize, every modern lawyer inevitably needs this program...
SOUVENIR PROGRAM - when presenting the tradition we apply new technologies to get totally authentic souvenirs. Models of figurines, magnets made in 3D studio, multimedia options of the product “audio walk” etc. show how serious we are when it comes to souvenir manufacturing…

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